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Hollywood?s Streaming Nemesis Popcorn Time Gets A Vpn, But You?ll Have To Pay For It | Techcrunch

Weve seen VPNs in Popcorn Time before another group added a free one to its service in June but Popcorntime.ios promises to be more robustsinceit is run by VPN.ht . Mega caveat though, users will have to pay for it. VPN.ht is priced at $4.99 per month, butPopcorntime.io users can get it for $1 for the first month after which they can cancel. Alternatively they can pay $3.99 per month on a yearly deal. Currently in Alpha, the addition is all well and good, but we cant help thinking that there are main page some issues. The cost of free is a primary appeal ofPopcorn Time, thus it is unclearwhethermany users willpony up $30-plus for a VPN service, even though itmay be beneficial to them. Thoselikely to use VPNs have probably already bought them.Anecdotally, folks shopping for a VPN tend to take their time and weigh up their options from the crowded field. Integrating with Popcorn Time may well giveVPN.ht an initial sales boost, but Im not sure it will make a sizable difference to the service or Popcorn Times userbase in the long-term. A freemium option offeringa free first month of use or a limited monthly kim kardashian dead service like Tunnelbear would have been amore impactingaddition for both sides.
Source: http://techcrunch.com/2014/12/25/popcorn-time-vpn/?ncid=rss

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